Public Service Commission of Kenya Recruitment Website

Jan 26, 2009

You can access the Republic of Kenya's Public Service Commission's recruitment website on the address given below. You can browse recently advertised jobs, apply for jobs online, check status of advertised and closed job vacancies in Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Minister of State for Public Service, Office of the Prime Minister

Please, will any one have mercy and help the guys who did the old system of education, especially the last form 4 of 1987 and the last form 6 of 1989.

They are so frustrated. No body seems to know that they exist and they floated.


Anonymous said...

what happened to the jobs advertised by the minstry of education on may this year?

Anonymous said...

What happened to shortlisted candidates who did the interview from december 2009 to early this year in the ministry of education.This posts were advertised through the PSCK in May 2009

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says...........
What method is used to communicate to shortlisted candidates because how comes one is expected to attend an interview they aren't aware of yet they qualified.Is someone sleeping on their job? It happened to me after applying for a job at the Ministry of Planning on the MDG Field Officers job this year.

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