Oxfam Somalia Project Termination Evaluation Consultancy Opportunity

Sep 9, 2016

Terms of Reference
Community Driven Food Security and Livelihoods Initiatives
Project Termination Evaluation
Background: In February 2014, Oxfam with funding from European Union initiated a three years Community Driven Food Security and Livelihood project in Lower and Middle Juba dubbed “alternative Ways of working’”. 

The project was recently terminated due to change in Oxfam strategy and insecurity in Middle Juba. 

To ensure a smooth closure of the project Oxfam wishes to undertake a status evaluation of the project and document what has been achieved so far.

Purpose: The main objective of this task is to conduct an evaluation of the project status at this stage of implementation; information that will be gathered will be useful in determining and informing on the next action.

We are looking for an independent consultant/consultancy firm with the following qualifications:
  • Experience in Monitoring and Evaluation. Proven experience of undertaking project evaluation of community driven and/or EC funded food security and livelihoods is an advantage.
  • Understanding of political, social cultural context and access to Somalia is essential
  • Very good knowledge of aid delivery in Somalia
  • Have an eye for details & fully understands risks of undertaking the task in areas that are security concern.
  • Demonstrate ability to undertake the assignment in Somalia.
Application Process
Interested consultants can find the full Terms of Reference and required documents for application at http://bit.ly/2ccn6Ao
The application should be sent to HecaConsuItancy@oxfam.org.uk by 21 September 2016 12.00pm.


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