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May 26, 2009

Start a Mushroom Growing Business

Wanted: Mushroom Grower

Start a Mushroom growing business, a guaranteed income generating with very minimum capital investment.

Immediately Available:
  • Quality Mushroom seeds (Spawn) for OYSTER, BUTTON, SHITTAKE & GANODERMA.
  • Fully colonized substrate of the above mushrooms in bags.
  • A complete comprehensive Mushroom production training.
Also Available Market:-
  • We buy fresh & dried of any of the above mushrooms as your guaranteed market when you harvest.
Call now for Booking & more information
P.O. Box 2195-00200 Nairobi
Tel: 821178/9, 0714 276626
Email: info @

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am a mushroom beginner, I have attended seminar in our local area about banana leaves as medium. my problem is there is no definite buyer i know at reasonable market price. Can you help me? thank you very much.

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