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Jun 5, 2009

Kenya Airways' new Pilot Training Program Career Opportunities

Kenya Airways is the Pride of Africa.

And now we're building our pride even more, as Kenya Airways' new Pilot Training program opens for applications.

It's the perfect opportunity for new careers to really take off.

To apply;
  • Go to
  • Indicate your "0" level mean grade and grades in Math, English and Physics by selecting the certificate category under
  • Additional Qualifications and selecting the options "Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE" and "KCSE Math, English and Physics" and type in your grades in the Grade/level space provided.
  • Also indicate your National Identify Card number under your details.
  • Save your account information to complete application.


Anonymous said...

Is it neccesary for one to do physics in order for one to become a pilot?

dan said...

is physics a must??

haji said...

is it mandatory that you must have done physics to be a pilot since some people had to drop physics so as to boost their mean grade?some of us feel as if we are restricted from doing some cources since we dint take spesific subjects,yet most of us are more qualified than those who have taken physics so please respond to my question if you realy dont look down on those who did not do physics

Anonymous said...


Mohamed Al-maery said...

Just wanted to ask if its a must to have done physics.

Jackline said...

Do you have to be above 18 to enter? Im 17 but im already done with my Form 4 exam.Is it posible for me to enter?

ray said...

Samuel Ray Odhiambo
hi,I completed my o levels last year and I have tried to access your career oppotunities on pilot training but can't get through.plase email me back your link on [email protected]

davis said...

must someone willing to pursue aviatiation have done geography in high school.please reply to [email protected]

Jim Nyamu said...

Yes, you need to have done physics to understand the basics on how machines such as the plane works.e.g bernoulli's principle. It helps build your basic foundation on it. Flying is governed by physics or aeronautics and generally careers involving flight manipulation. Please don't be lied to that physics is not important. Research on the internet for the qualifications.
Thank You.
Jim Nyamu

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