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Oct 7, 2013

United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan Training Services Request for Expression of Interest

United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS)

Request for Expression of Interest

Date of this EOI: 20 September 2013  

Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: 20 October 2013
1. The United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) plans to enter into a one-time contract for the provision of Provision of Training Services as noted under item 4 herein below.
2. As part of mission mandate to build the capacity of National Staff, the training programes aim at strengthening the skills, competencies and capacities to further empower National Staff and leave a lasting and meaningful legacy to the Republic of South Sudan.
3. The target group is UNMISS National Staff from Administrative and Integrated Support Services at support, professional and leadership level within the Mission who will play the role of backstopping to their supervisors when required to do so.

4. The proposed training courses content covers the areas as follows:
(a) For Executive Secretarial Course - the role, values and ethics of the Executive Secretary; time Management;Organizing meetings; Drafting and report writing skills; Organizing business travel; Administering office management and procedures; Coordinating business resources;
(b) For Management and Leadership Course - Concept and theories of management and leadership and their best practices; Management functions and leadership patterns; Women in leadership: problem and prospects; Problem solving and decision making; Organizational development and change; Improving
supervisory and managerial skills; Conflict management and managing stress; Communication skills within leadership;
(c) Negotiation and Mediation - Understanding conflict; Conflict management and resolution tools; Assess conflict for mediation and negotiation purpose; Mediation and negotiation process and stages; Mediator and negotiator preparations, role, authority and resources etc; Conduct of track 1 & 11 mediation process; Negotiation and strategies for advancing negotiation process; Principles and construction of peace agreements;
5. UMMISS will provide a conducive training venue within easy reach of both the trainees and trainers. Interested Companies must have the technical and financial capacity to provide the services.
6. Conditions: Interested companies are invited to register with United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) through the website (www.ungm.org) and submit their EOI by courier or e-mail as indicated below. 

The EOI must include, as a minimum, the following documentation/information:
(a) Contractor’s relevant experience, profile/background in providing trainings on diciplines listed above; 

(b) Contractor’s contact details (address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail); 

(c) Qualification and experience of contractor’s professional staff proposed for the services; 

(d) Details or proof of similar training undertaken;
(e ) Evidence of the contractor’s expertise/capabilities to provide the services; 

(f) List of major clients for whom similar services were provided, with contact details.
7. Important Notice: The Expression of Interest, clearly marked “Provision of Training Services:

(a) Executive Secretarial Course; 

(b) Management and Leadership; and 

(c) Negotiation & Mediation - 

tentatively to be conducted in November 2013 at RSCE, Entebbe, Uganda” 

must be received by UNMISS no later than Sunday, 20 October 2013 to e-mail address: [email protected] with copy to [email protected], or handle delivered to Procurement Section- UNMISS UN House (Near Jebel Kujur), Juba, Republic of South Sudan.
8. This EOI does not constitute a solicitation. UNMISS reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. 

Thus, submitting a reply to this EOI does not automatically guarantee that your firm will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued.

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