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Aug 17, 2016

HVAC Technician Job in Kenya

Position: HVAC Technician

A leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer products in Africa with a strong East Africa

Position Description: The HVAC Technician, reports to the Chief Engineer 

The holder of this position shall be responsible for servicing and repairing, air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating units, Experience with installation; ability to install HVAC without supervision.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the HVAC Technician will be as follows but not limited to;

  • Maintain and repair all refrigeration equipment, coolers, and troubleshoot all HVAC equipment.
  • Strong knowledge of chillers and most HVAC systems,
  • Manage all metal duct components and install all HVAC systems.
  • Provide solutions for all emergency alarm in systems and repair all ventilating and air conditioning units.
  • Manage all data centre applications and operate various centrifugal chillers.
  • Monitor all resources and ensure optimal utilization for same to achieve all Customer objectives.
  • Perform calculations and implement various plans for HVAC.
  • Maintain all deliverables for projects to maintain optimal qualities within required timeframe and coordinate with stakeholders to analyse all project requirements.
  • Perform audit on all HVAC system, collect data, perform periodic evaluation and monitor all log books.
  • Analyze all load programs, perform required calculations on same and manage all electrical requirements for HVAC equipment.
  • Perform all Heating/Ventilation/Air-Conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration duties within BAL establishments.
  • Installation, inspecting, testing, commissioning and maintenance of HVAC systems and equipment, including compressors, condensers, chillers.
  • Conduct regular preventive maintenance inspection of refrigeration units, and electrically operated air conditioning equipment including cleaning filters and compressors.
  • Monitor, repair or replace defective parts in units and equipment controls including thermostats, automatic switches, fan control, compressors, heat exchangers, high limit controls, pressure controls and safety valves.
  • Perform skilled electrical maintenance work in the repair, installation and alteration of HVAC equipment, components, motor and wiring systems as needed.
  • Test and examine operations, observing meters and pressure gauge as well as perform any corrective maintenance activities.
  • Perform / review cooling load calculations, ventilation requirements, design drawings, and HVAC control systems.
  • Joining pipes or tubing to equipment and to fuel, water, or refrigerant source, to form complete circuit.
  • Repairing or replacing defective equipment, components, or wiring.
How to Apply

email your application to [email protected]

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