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Aug 16, 2016

Mechatronics Engineer Job Vacancy in Kenya

Position: Mechatronics Engineer
  • Oversee the work of contractors in accordance with project requirements.
  • Design engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks
  • Create mechanical design documents for parts, assemblies or finished products
  • Design advanced electronic control systems for mechanical systems
  • Maintain technical project files
  • Create embedded software design programs.
  • Analyze existing development or manufacturing procedures and suggest improvements.
  • Implement or test design solutions.
  • Identify and select materials appropriate for mechatronic system designs.
  • Create mechanical models and tolerance analyses to simulate mechatronic design concepts.
  • Upgrade the design of existing devices by adding mechatronic elements.
  • Design advanced precision equipment for accurate or controlled applications.
  • Publish engineering reports documenting design details or qualification test results.
  • Provide consultation or training on topics such as mechatronics or automated control.
  • Research, select, or apply sensors, communication technologies, or control devices for motion control, position sensing, pressure sensing, or electronic communication.
  • Design, develop, or implement control circuits or algorithms for electromechanical or pneumatic devices or systems.
  • Conduct studies to determine the feasibility, costs, or performance benefits of new mechatronic equipment.
  • Develop electronic, mechanical, or computerized processes to perform tasks in dangerous situations, such as underwater exploration or extraterrestrial mining.
  • Design mechatronics components for computer-controlled products, such as cameras, video recorders, automobiles, or airplanes.
  • Apply mechatronic or automated solutions to the transfer of materials, components, or finished goods.
  • Design or develop automated control systems for environmental applications, such as waste processing, air quality, or water quality systems.
  • Design self-monitoring mechanical systems, such as gear systems that monitor loading or condition of systems to detect and prevent failures.
  • Monitor or calibrate automated systems, industrial control systems, or system components to maximize efficiency of production.
  • A degree combination of mechanical engineering and electronics.
  • At least 3 years experience in a manufacturing company or a busy environment
  • Knowledge of FMCG would be an advantage
  • An interest in mechanics and electronics
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Problem-solving skills
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • Practical and technical skills
  • A detailed and methodical approach to work.
Apply stating your current and expected salary to [email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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