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Aug 16, 2016

Tinder Carboniser Operations, Technical Supervisor Job in Marigat, Kenya


Job Vacancy: Carboniser Operations, Technical Supervisor - Marigat

Tinder is a social-enterprise that produces 'green' charcoal and livestock feeds using Prosopis juliflora as a feedstock. 

This invasive species, which is locally called 'mathenge', damages fragile dryland ecosystems, reduces biodiversity, invades farms and harms livestock.
Working in close partnership with the local communities, Tinder will selectively harvest Prosopis before converting it into high quality charcoal using efficient, modern equipment. 

The charcoal will be sold in towns throughout Kenya, where over 80% of Kenya's urban communities rely on it as a cooking fuel.

The company has recently purchased an advanced wood carbonisation kiln which consists of 2 chambers equipped with flue pipes from heat-resistant steel connected to chimney with deflector and furnace, includes 12 or 16 trolleys depending on kiln variant, platform to move the trolleys, trestle for loading and unloading of raw material and charcoal and an electric winch as well. 

The chambers can operate in drying as well as pyrolysis modes. Each chamber contains several trolleys which are loaded with wood. The chambers are equipped with gas-escape channels used to withdraw gas emitted during the process of pyrolysis into the furnace. 

The upper parts of the chambers equipped with discharging pipes of steam emitted during the process of wood drying. There is a waterlock attached to the chamber to stabilize pressure inside the chamber and to drain a condensate from the steam discharging pipe. 

All the operating controls are mechanized or electronically controlled. A permanent indication of the main operating parameters is visible, allowing constant analysis of critical operating functions during the kiln’s operation.

Job responsibility: The Technical Supervisor will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the kiln and ancillary equipment.

  • Ensure correct, safe and efficient operation of the kiln according to the manufacturer’s operations instructions;
  • Using the kiln, produce high quality charcoal:
  1. Ensure wood is cut to size and efficiently loaded in the trolleys;
  2. Trolleys are loaded into the carbonisation chamber;
  3. Fire is lighted safely until wood is dried;
  4. Pyrolysis commences and takes place adequately;
  5. Correct temperatures are maintained at each step in the cycle;
  6. Monitor and adjust critical equipment functions during each stage of operation whilst keeping a log of actions and equipment gauge readings;
  7. Ensure safe cooling down of charcoal;
  8. Ensure clean and proper bagging and storage of charcoal produced.
  • Minimise equipment down-time;
  • Carry out regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs on the machine to ensure it maintains perfect operational capacity;
  • Monitor and enforce health & safety procedures for all workers.
The position requires the following:
  • Excellent mechanical, electrical skills, experience and knowledge;
  • Relevant engineering degree is an advantage;
  • Prior experience operating a kiln, retort, or complex or automated oven or furnace equipment. Prior experience producing charcoal is an advantage;
  • Good ability to supervise a small team of workers;
  • Ability to speak read and write English;
  • Basic computer skills including MS Office and email;
  • Driving license (small car and motorbike);
  • Hardworking, enthusiastic and self-driven.
Remuneration & Conditions: Salary for the position is competitive but will depend on skills and experience. The position is based in Marigat, Baringo County. A 3-month probation applies. 

Additional bonus/commission structures might be implemented at a later stage, for instance in relation to achieving monthly production and/or quality targets.

Official working hours are 0800 – 1700 daily, and 0800 – 1300 on Saturdays. 

However, flexibility is demanded where occasions so demand, especially in light of the fact that carboniser operation requires round-the-clock attention. 

The company offers 21 paid holidays per year. Some of these might be allocated at the company’s discretion.

Duration: The position is for one year, renewable.

Interested candidates should send their CV to [email protected]

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