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Oct 28, 2016

PharmAccess Call for Individual Consultant to Evaluate Proposals for an Emergency Ambulance Communication Center

Call for Individual Consultant to Evaluate Proposals for an Emergency Ambulance Communication Center
PharmAccess Group: The PharmAccess Group is dedicated to affordable access to quality health care in Africa, by stimulating investments through partnerships with the private sector and government institutions. 

This group of non-profit organizations has a shared goal, working towards achieving inclusive health care for Africa. In doing so, we contribute to healthier populations and social and economic development.

Our integrated approach consists of complementary initiatives that aim to increase investments and resources, efficiency and effectiveness within the healthcare system. 

By combining standards for quality improvement, loans for healthcare providers, health plans and in-depth impact research we simultaneously stimulate the demand for and supply of healthcare services. 

The expertise within the PharmAccess Group includes health plans, healthcare quality, healthcare financing and healthcare infrastructure. 

Our work also includes consultancy and HIV/AIDS corporate programs as well as mobile health (mHealth) applications.
In our view, the journey towards inclusive healthcare begins with enabling quality improvement at healthcare facilities. 

Once hospitals and clinics can demonstrate quality of care through improvements like shorter waiting times, well-trained staff, functioning equipment and readily available medicines, patients and investors will gain trust in the healthcare system. We build institutions and create standards that help patients to make informed decisions about healthcare. 

Such systemic changes stimulate healthcare providers to improve their quality through targeted interventions, motivate performance-based financing mechanisms by (inter-)national donors and investors, and enable local and national healthcare authorities to monitor and regulate healthcare providers.
Please visit to learn more about PharmAccess.
Background of Uzazi Salama Project: In June 2013, M-PESA Foundation launched Uzazi Salama project aimed at improving maternal and newborn health out-comes in Samburu. 

The project is implemented in partnership with PharmAccess Group, Safaricom, AMREF and the Samburu County Health Management Team. 

The partners designed and are implementing solutions to address the main barriers for pregnant mothers in Samburu County to access quality maternal and neonatal health services.
Phase II of the project is currently being implemented in Samburu Central, East and Northern sub-counties. 

The main goal of Phase II project is to significantly decrease maternal and new-born health morbidity and mortality rates.
The ambulance command center is an important component of the project as transportation is one of the largest drivers or “success factors” for components of mother-and-child projects, namely:
  1. transport for routine maternal & child health services
  2. transport for normal delivery at the closest health center in an ambulance
  3. emergency transport for delivery cases that need to be referred
PharmAccess is looking for an experienced individual to:
  1. evaluate proposals sent to PharmAccess by interested companies
  2. score the proposals based on a defined criteria
  3. present the results to an independent panel for approval
Interested individuals should have the following minimum qualifications:
  1. An advanced degree in a medical profession such as nursing, emergency medical services, health management systems or occupational health & safety
  2. 5 years’ of experience managing an emergency call center
  3. 5 years’ of experience working in accident and emergency department at a busy health facility
  4. Training in emergency medical services
  5. 3 years’ experience overseeing management and maintenance of an ambulance fleet
  6. Experience conducting training of Emergency Medical Technicians in various courses
  7. Experience working in Emergency medical dispatch
All qualified individuals should send their profiles to [email protected] on or before Friday 4th November 2016 with the subject “Individual Consultant for Uzazi Salama proposal evaluation”.

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