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Jun 3, 2017

Handicap International Sign Language Training Consultancy in Kakuma, Kenya

Handicap International
Terms of Reference
Sign Language Training - Kakuma
I. Introduction: Handicap International (HI) is an independent and impartial international aid organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. 

Working alongside persons with disabilities and other most vulnerable groups, our action and testimony are focused on responding to the essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights
Since 2014, Handicap International has been implementing CBR activities in Kakuma refugee camp and recently in the newly opened Kalobeyei settlement scheme that is projected to host a total of 60,000 refugees in its full capacity.

HI implements a twin track approach that focuses on provision of rehabilitation services and rights based approach which aims at mainstreaming disability in every aspect of programming.
Justification for the Training
In the last 3 years, HI capacity building strategies have been targeting direct beneficiaries, community structures and agencies to make them more responsive to the needs of persons with disabilities in the camp which has had positive results.
However, one of the major gaps realized during barrier and facilitator assessment done in Kakuma by HI in 2016/17 has been that persons with hearing impairment have continued to be left out of service provision due to lack of means of communication between them and service providers, and with a shortage of sign language interpreters, they continue to be excluded.
For inclusive service provision, we need to be responsive to persons with hearing impairment in Kakuma refugee camps who equally need to access services provided in the camps. 

This can be achieved by training service providers and other community resource persons on basic skills in sign language and general communication.
II. Objectives and Results
General Objective: To enhance communication with persons with hearing impairment and reduce barriers by service providers from agencies working in Kakuma including refugee workers as well as national staff.

Specific Objectives
  • To develop training materials for the training of participants on sign language and gen-eral communication.
  • To conduct a sign language training to refugee staff and National staff.
  • Identify gaps for further training for the trainees and make recommendations for future training needs.
III. Deliverables
  • Increased knowledge and skills in sign language of the participants through the out-come of pre and post-tests.
  • A prepared report on the outcomes of the training and recommendations for future training needs of the participants.
  • Prepared materials used during the training that will be maintained as learning re-sources
  • Participants performance reports
IV. Scope of Work
Based on the proposed timetable laid down in these Terms of Reference, the consultant must set up a work schedule for the performance of the service. 

The work schedule must clearly specify the manner in which the consultant will approach the activities required to perform the service. 

The schedule must indicate the progress and/or the standard of service performance, including the criteria and/or indicators to check that the service provision is proceeding smoothly (such as pre and post-test performance tests).
Consultant responsibilities;
  • Develop a clear work plan for the entire mission
  • Develop training resource materials to be used during this mission
  • Training of basic sign Language
  • Report preparation and presentation
HI responsibility;
  • Provide taxi from Nairobi to Kakuma and within the training venues during this mission
  • Flight from Nairobi –Kakuma – Nairobi
  • Airport Tax
  • Provide accommodation while in Kakuma
  • Mobilization of participants
V. Profile of Participant/Facilitator/Consultant
Training, experience, references and grade required for the consultant:-
The consultant should possess the correct sign language certificate from an International or locally recognized institution with more than five years working experience in working with persons displaced in forced contexts. 

Proven experience in working in either Dadaab or Kakuma in Kenya will be an added advantage.
Working languages:- The language of instruction during the training will be English
The participants will be drawn from the 14 agencies currently working with HI. One participant will be a refugee staff and one participant will be a national staff. The training will cover staff of all the four camps in Kakuma and Kalobeyei settlement.
VI. Timeframe for Implementation
The mission will take 20 days. The Service location for this mission is Kakuma but the consultant will brief the Regional Coordinator for Refugee Affairs in Nairobi before proceeding to Kakuma for the Mission.

The mission will be organized as follows:-

Dates: 15th June 2017
Activity: Nairobi Office - Report to Nairobi Office for briefs and signing of the contract

Dates: 16th June 2017
Activity: Kakuma - Brief the project Manager and start training
Expected Outputs:
  • Security debrief
  • Discussion of plans and field visits
Dates: 17th to 18th June 2017
Activity: Weekend Break

Dates: 19th – 23rd June 2017
Activity: Carry out training for HI & agency National staff
Expected Outputs: Pre and post test results

Dates: 24th to 25th June 2017
Activity: Weekend break

Dates: 26th to 30th June 2017
Activity: Carry out training for refugee workers
Expected Outputs: Pre and post test results

Dates: 1st to 3rd July 2017
Activity: Prepare reports and graduate trainees

Dates: 4th July 2017
Activity: Debrief and draft reports to the project Manager
Expected Outputs: Travel Back to Nairobi In the afternoon

VII. Reporting
For the duration of the contract, the consultant will report every 5 days to the Inclusion & Mainstreaming Manager- Kakuma on progress reports of the sign language training.
The report will consist of:
  • Content on: Sign language, general communication in the language, and disability eti-quette
  • Language of instruction with clear link between Kenya Sign Language (KSL) and Sign Exact English (SEE)
  • Teaching methodologies used
  • Target and number trainees
  • Gaps identified and recommendations
  • Challenges encountered
On completion of the training, a final report will be prepared within a week (i.e 11th July 2017), and will include an analysis of the pre and post test results and presented to the in-clusion & Mainstreaming Manager. 

The report will be submitted in 2 soft hard copies and a soft copy on a CD. 

VII. Budget (please itemize costs)
The applicant should prepare a detailed itemized budget for the mission which should be sent as part of the application for consultancy.

Application process 

The consultant who meet these requirements and is available within the time period indicated should submit the following documents 
  • A methodological approach and detailed work plan clearly indicating how he/she intends to implement the consultancy service. 
  • Application letter and curriculum vitae indicating relevant qualifications, skills and experience in similar consultancies. 
  • A detailed budget. 
  • Full contact details of three professional referees. 
Send electronic copies to email : [email protected] to reach Handicap International office on or before 11th June 2017, 5pm

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