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Jun 6, 2017

Médecins du Monde External Psychologist Supervisor Job in Kenya

Job Vacancy: External Psychologist Supervisor 

Terms of Reference
Médecins du Monde (MdM – Doctors of the world) is a French international aid organization caring for the most vulnerable populations, for victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters and for those who are gradually being forgotten about by the rest of the world. 

As an independent organization, its actions go beyond medical care. 

It openly condemns attacks on human dignity and right and fights to improve the situation of these populations.
MdM has long been committed to delivering programs to the general population for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and, in the process, has noted that some sections of the population either affected by or suffering from HIV/AIDS do not have access to such programs: people who use drugs (PWUD), sex workers (SW) and people who are MSM are just some of the many who are excluded because of what they are or what they do.

This is what makes them more vulnerable and more at risk than others: not because the virus is different or is transmitted differently but because their social and legal status distances them from the prevention and treatment programs and, as a result, is what exposes them, more than others, to the risk of infection by HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis. 

Their ostracizing sometimes goes as far as imprisonment, torture and even death. MdM has therefore decided to redirect its activities to combat HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis (HCV and HBV) towards these individuals. 

This involves working with them and close to them to offer health services that are adapted to their needs, at the same time as seeking to develop their social and legal status.
In 2013, Médecins du Monde (MdM) France has launched a Harm Reduction (HR) programme targeting People Who Use Drugs in Nairobi. 

The current project aims to help reduce HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C transmission, morbidity and mortality in drug users, in close collaboration with civil society organizations and the Kenyan government. 

The specific objective is to improve access to Harm Reduction services, particularly prevention services and quality HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis treatment programs, for people who use drugs (PWUD). 

Each day of the week, one multidisciplinary team goes on the field for outreach work to reach the drug users where they are (mainly vulnerable areas) while another works at the Drop-In Centre (DIC) located in Kangemi area within Westland district.
The operational team composed by outreach workers and nurses counsellor faces on the daily basis complex and demanding situation for which they need to act and reply as the team. 

A such multidisciplinary team needs to elaborate its own way to work together for the program’s beneficiaries and needs a safe and secure platform to share their difficulties, feelings and improve their practices to interact with such situations.
Moreover, they are continuously – directly or indirectly confronted to human suffering, which can affect the ability to function adequately. 

In order to prevent and mitigate stress, burn out, and secondary (vicarious) trauma related to MdM Kenya mission and to ensure the adequacy of the provided assistance, external psychologist supervision is necessary. 

Therefore, to support employees in coping with the nature of their daily work MdM has decided to contract a psychologist supervision consultant to provide group biweekly sessions. 

Goals of the Psychologist Supervision
The goal of the psychologist supervision is to conduct group session in order to provide a safe, neutral, independent and confidential space outside the operations in which members of Harm reduction Program team can reflect on their emotions and experiences, learn from them and progress in expertise.
The group session should intend to:
  • Provide people with tools, skills and support to cope with the problematic realities that they are exposed to at work. An antidote to despair and feelings of being overwhelmed and/or frustrated and/or in difficulties.
  • Provide people with tools, skills and support to find ways to deal with and/or channel the unmet needs of beneficiaries, rather than experiencing it as failure and another story of suffering.
  • Provide people with an alternative resource to assist them in dealing with problematic aspects of beneficiaries live conditions.
  • Help the team questioning its working practices and relations to beneficiaries and help the team come up with practices that would strengthen its work.
  • Provide people with tools and skills and support to mediate the way they make meaning of their personal lives. An antidote to isolation and fatigue.
  • Help assess if the institution itself needs to be questioned in a positive manner (in terms of functioning) and discuss so first with coordinators.
Although the focus shall remain on work related stress, it is worth noting that some of the employees have a history of drugs influencing their lives. 

Some employees are vulnerable to diseases and poverty, and most of them struggle with daily life and being head of the family or bread maker in the family. 

It is believed that this influences their work and their resilience in coping with work related stress.
Tasks and Responsibilities of the Psychologist Supervisor
The overall task will be to introduce and facilitate a group session with the operational team mentioned below.
The following problem themes emerged but need to be reassessed by consultant
  • Many MdM employees feel helpless in the face of the needs that beneficiaries express and that cannot be met; MdM provides only limited services (no shelter, money, childcare or employment). Some employees may interpret the experience of saying “no” as a feeling of failure an often feel overwhelmed by the totality of the challenges.
  • The above-mentioned issue may be worsened by employees facing problems in their personal lives, which influence the way they make meaning of their work experiences.
  • They might not have access to appropriate coping strategies, nor to ways of working or procedures, or might not make use of existing ways of working or procedures, to deal with problematic and/or conflict and/or concerns met in the daily activities.
The first group session should be about introductions and stories that solicit this aspect of their lives when the consultant should be able to find an all-inclusive way of working during the course of the following sessions.
No report about a staff in particular, but reports on staff needs and difficulties in general is required and should be shared only the Program Coordinator and the General Coordinator in charge on the monthly basis. 

However the consultant should assess and report any need of individual session to the persons in charge referred as the Program Coordinator and the General Coordinator. 

The decision and the modalities of individual sessions shall be done upon internal agreement.
Actual Set Up
The team will be composed by 6 outreach workers, 3 nurse counsellors and 1 cook.
The group session will take place every 2 Friday for a session of 90 minutes at MdM Drop In Centre which will be closed to public and to any other MdM staff members.
Psychologist Supervisor Profile
  • Mental health and psychosocial support background (psychologist/psychiatric or senior social worker)
  • Qualification and previous experience in the field of external emotional supervision
  • Clinical experience in psychotherapy and/or counselling
  • Trustful person and of integrity
Modality of Contract: MdM will offer a consultant contract for a period of 6 months for 12 sessions. 

The cost of each session including transport should be defined prior the signature of the contract.
As a part of the recruitment process, the consultant should submit to the organization (referred as MdM) her/his expression of interest including the modalities and methodology to be used to conduct the group sessions.
If you believe you are the ideal candidates we are looking for, please submit your application with a CV and a cover letter to the following email address [email protected] with the title: External Psychologist Supervisor

Closing date is 16th June 2017. 

Only shortlisted applicant will be contacted.
No application will be considered after the closing date as well as any application received by phone or in our office.

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