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Jul 12, 2017

UNICEF Expression of Interest for Concept Note: Low Cost Prototype Development for Storage of Nutrition Commodities

Expression of Interest for Concept Note: Low Cost Prototype Development for Storage of Nutrition Commodities
Each year over 56,000 children living in Arid and Semi-Arid Counties of Kenya are severely malnourished. 

The nutrition programme in Kenya utilizes 60,000 cartons of RUTF costing USD 3.7M to treat these severely malnourished children.

Storage of this supplies continues to remain a challenge as highlighted in the 2014 assessment of the essential nutrition commodities (RUTF/ RUSF and Therapeutic milks) supply chain including bottleneck analysis / risk analysis [UNICEF (KCO) Nutrition Supply Chain Assessment Report, July 2014]. 

The assessment report revealed that commodities are stored either in offices or in borrowed spaces and containers in semi-arid areas. 

In the arid areas, nutrition commodities are stored in hot metallic stores which get to over 40°C which is higher than the recommended <30 c.="" nbsp="" span="">

This means that they can only be stored for a maximum of three months because studies, according to WFP, have revealed that the nutritional commodities can be stored at temperatures of between 30°C to 40° C for a maximum of six months, and above 40° C for a maximum of three months, without interfering with their taste or quality aspects.
UNICEF plans to support the development of low cost low cost prototypes to be used in each of the 23 counties in Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASAL) for optimal storage of nutrition supplies in health facilities. 

The low cost low cost prototypes should be costed and used as part of advocacy to the counties to invest in appropriate storage and ultimately scale up use.

UNICEF is therefore seeking an innovative and top-notch developer to create storage low cost prototype that would solve the storage problems currently being experienced in the ASALs.

The purpose of this initiative is to:
  • Design (a) low cost prototype (s) for the storage of essential nutrition commodities (RUTF/RUSF/therapeutic milk) taking into consideration the various type of climatic condition in the ASAL counties;
  • Provide detailed specifications and cost for each of the low cost prototype (s) designed.
Minimum requirements
  • Size (length, width and height-Access (door size for ease of handling supplies in and out);
  • Ventilation (minimum number of windows) and other details that can ease ventilation (ceiling/roof);
  • Isolation from insects and rodents.
Expected output
  • Design of the storing models, including details of both plans and quantities & qualities of the materials proposed;
  • Detailed budget estimating total construction costs as per the dimensions and materials’ quantities & qualities proposed (per location);
  • Proposed timeline to construct the designed low cost prototype if selected.
We expect from our potential partners to submit a brief Concept Note containing technical and financial information, including details on the methods/approaches/strategies they would use, if selected, to meet the minimum requirements and outputs highlighted above.
Interested partners should ideally meet the following criteria:
  • Experience in similar work in the past (design and build);
  • Experience working in the ASAL of Kenya (preferable).
Proposals should be submitted to the email address [email protected] not later than 16.30hours (Kenya Standard time) on 28th July, 2017 

Any request for clarifications should be sent no later than the 19th July 2017

A technical and financial evaluation of the Concept Notes received will be carried out, resulting in successful candidates being invited to submit a detailed proposal during August 2017

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