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Aug 3, 2017

Pre-Sales Engineer Job in Kenya

Job Title: Pre-Sales Engineer

H.O.D: Technical Manager

Business Unit: Technical Department 

Report to: Technical Manager
Key Responsibilities
  • All technical aspects in the group in relation to satellite and associated technologies
  • Works deals assigned to the sales team supported, prioritizing effort based on maximizing total impact on team productivity and profit, or as directed by the sales manager.
  • Proactively scopes the technical solution required to address customer requirements, assesses customers met and unmet needs, and recommends solutions that optimize value for both the customer and the firm.
  • Secures input from all necessary solution stakeholders within the customer firm.  Adapts solutions, as necessary, to ensure appropriate support.
  • Coordinates closely with internal sales, sales support, and service resources to align solution design with customers’ business requirements.
  • Secures from customer technical staff commitments needed to ensure a deal’s “technical close.”
  • Meets assigned targets for profitable sales growth in assigned product lines, market areas, channel, or teams supported.
  • Provides coaching and professional development to team- member sales associates in order to enhance their product knowledge, technical acumen, and technical sales skills.
  • Opportunistically pursues additional business development opportunities within customer firms. 
  • Collaborates with sales to ensure these opportunities are effectively covered and advanced.
  • Monitors customer support for technical solutions proposed throughout the sales process, and alerts the sales and account teams to potential risks of deal closure.
  • Adhere process and procedures
  • Managing skill sets in a group for long term vision
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Participate in seminars, technology, event shows.
  • Carry out any other duties assigned by management as and when required
Performance Measures  
  • Achieves assigned productivity and profitability quotas.
  • Maintains deal through-put in early deal-sales process steps.
  • Achieves product growth targets for the assigned geography, channel, sales team, or account base.
  • Maintains high customer satisfaction ratings that meet company standards.
  • Completes required training and development objectives within the assigned time frame. 
Organizational Alignment
  • Reports to the General Manager – Sales.
  • Works closely and collaboratively with the sales and account teams supported.
  • This position may be assigned to support a geography or one or more named account teams. 
Leadership Competencies

Displaying Entrepreneurial Spirit (Has a passion to win! Seizes business opportunities and          convert them into valuable results. Has an innovative and fresh outlook, and thrives on continuous change.  Dreams BIG!)
  • Exudes a high level of energy and commitment in all tasks. Seeks, accepts and creates plans of action to implement stretch goals
  • Demonstrates confidence and conviction in ambiguous situations; perseveres despite setbacks & challenges
  • Brings bold and fresh ideas; facilitates team and others to generate fresh and innovative ideas
  • Takes calculated risks backed with data to implement goals; thinks through potential contingencies
Achieving Business Success (Contributes towards building a dynamic and sustainable business, based upon a sound understanding of business and financial realities. Is committed to long-term goals. Adheres to company strategies and policies, and encourages others to do so.)
  • Displays an understanding of the business, the market and implications for own function/team.  
  • Analyses information and gives recommendations for the function/team.  
  • Controls and monitors revenue and expenses; builds cost efficiencies and allocates resources wisely. 
  • Is flexible, adapts and responds to changing business direction.  
  • Manages the implementation of systems and processes effectively. 
  • Monitors compliance to systems; seeks feedback and ensures their improvement. 
Empowering and Developing (Maintains a continuous focus on development of self and others.  Nurtures and cultivates diverse talent in the business. Aligns performance to organizational goals)
  • Sets clear and specific goals for self and team; monitors progress of self and others.  
  • Displays personal accountability and encourages it in others; delegates and empowers others to achieve. 
  • Puts in succession plans for self and others.      
  • Supports people to take risks & experiment, for learning and growth to occur. 
  • Develops self and others – seeks and provides feedback, coaching, and developmental assignments.
Building Collaborative Relationships (Proactively develops internal and external relationships and strives for a “win-win solution. Collaborates, willingly shares information and manages conflict. Demonstrates sensitivity and respect when dealing with others. Interacts)
  • Establishes positive relationships and builds a network of contacts - peers and external counterparts.     
  • Demonstrates sensitivity, humility and respect when dealing with others. 
  • Works collaboratively in cross functional teams; shares information with others and challenges constructively for achieving team success. 
  • Facilitates handling of team conflicts and encourages teamwork.
  • Reviews monitors and provides feedback regarding relationships with partners against defined expectations.
Delights the Customer (Enthusiastically adheres to a customer first culture and seeks to deliver customer service excellence. Engages with customers and seeks to make their life easy.  Ensures ‘promise made’ is ‘promise kept’).
  • Ensures and monitors adherence to customer service standards to deliver excellent customer service.  
  • Demonstrates, encourages and rewards a “Can Do” attitude; ensures that promise made is promise kept  
  • Proactively seeks customer perspectives and ensures implementation of processes and systems to deliver excellent customer service.  
  • Benchmarks customer service processes for improving them and preventing recurring problems
Education, Skills and Experience Required for the position

What minimum, education, skills and experience are necessary for effective performance in this position?

  • Bachelor's Degree / Diploma in Electronics and communication
  • Media and Broadcast system design, Studio Design, Basic IP Networks, Basic Systems Integration, Strong Customer Relations & Proper Phone & Email Etiquette.
  • Media and broadcast products knowledge,
  • Studio integration knowledge
  • IP & Systems Integration
  • Customer Relations.
  • ICT Industry
  • VSAT Systems and installation
  • Media uplink products like Scopus, Harmonic, DSNG installation
  • At least 5 to 10 years’ experience media and broadcast industry with extensive experience. .
Job Description Agreement
  • To be signed on employment, job review or re-assignment to a new job, after discussion with line manager.
This is a description of the job as it is presently constructed. This may be reviewed periodically and updated to ensure that the job description fully reflects the duties of the job.

To Apply
Email: [email protected] by Monday 7th August 5:00 p.m.

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