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Sep 29, 2017

AAH-I Bar / Liquid Soap-Making Trainer and Machine Installation Expert Job in Hargeisa

Action Africa Help International (AAH-I)
Consultancy Opening: Bar / Liquid Soap-Making Trainer and Machine Installation Expert
Background and Context: Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) is operating in Somaliland and has accumulated significant knowledge and experience in supporting refugees, refugee returnees, host communities and people who are internally displaced (IDPs).

Since 2014, and in partnership with UNHCR, AAH-I has been implementing activities directly in Hargeisa.

Some of these activities are improving livelihoods through business training, financial grant support and training on the value chain. 

We have also facilitated the development and strengthening of community structures and groups; training to promote groups savings and loans; business and entrepreneurship training and support to development of business plans; micro-enterprise grants and monitoring and support to businesses. 

Initially primarily focused on Ethiopian refugees many of whom had stayed in Somaliland for 10 years or more, the project has now expanded its activities to reach refugees escaping conflict in Middle East and North Africa.
AAH-I is committed to promoting sustainable livelihoods interventions and continues to invest in enterprise diversification to provide alternative income streams to refugees and to the host community.
AAH-I plans to engage a qualified consultant(s) with proven skills on installation and operation of a bar/liquid soap-making machine. This will include installation and commissioning of the mixing machine, and training a group of 20 beneficiaries on basic soap making skills and machine maintenance.
Purpose: The purpose of this consultancy is to train 20 beneficiaries on bar/liquid soap production and machine maintenance. It is expected that the beneficiaries will be able to operate the machines with minimal challenges, earn income from sale of the soap, and therefore improve the living standards of their households.
Key responsibilities
Scope of Training: The consultant(s) shall install, commission and train beneficiaries on soap production and machine maintenance. 

The consultant(s) shall develop and share a training curriculum and comprehensive training reports at the end of contract.
Key tasks with list of 'key activities', under each responsibility.
  • Install the bar soap processing machine
  • Test and commission the bar soap machine.
  • Train selected 10 beneficiaries on the following;
  1. Bar Soap production.
  2. Machine maintenance/servicing.
Methodology: We recommend that the consultant(s) use participatory adult learning methodologies appropriate for elderly and semi-illiterate adult learners.
Key deliverables / outputs
  • Develop a modular training curriculum based on Participatory Learning Approaches that is relevant to the target groups for production of high quality bar/liquid soaps and servicing of the machine.
  • Provide a simple step-by-step instruction guide of the automatic plodder machine servicing / maintenance.
  • Provide a detailed list of the basic parts that require frequent replacement. (Annexed to report)
  • Training reports with input from the AAH-I livelihoods focal person that include but not limited to the following outputs:
  1. The Training and Training Methodology
  2. Recommendation (scope and objectives)
AAH-I's Responsibilities
  • Provide facilitation fees to the consultant(s) for 5 working days.
  • Reimburse travel fare.
  • Provide transport to the training venues.
  • Provide accommodation and meals to the consultant(s) during the training period.
Reporting arrangements: The trainer(s) shall work under the direct supervision of AAH-I Livelihoods Officer, with technical oversight of the Project Manager.
Duration of assignment: It is proposed that the assignment will take a total of 5 working days. The consultant shall spend 2 days on machine installation and 3 days on beneficiary training on bar soap production and machine maintenance. Two days are allowed for travel to and from Hargeisa. 

The consultant(s) is expected to undertake all the sessions continuously in the month of October 2017.
Trainer profile
The successful trainer(s) should possess the following qualifications and experience:
  • Relevant certification in machine operation and maintenance, with minimum of 3 years’ practical experience on bar/liquid soap manufacturing.
  • Possess knowledge of the urban persons of concern operating context.
  • Have conducted similar trainings in the recent past
  • Possess sound technical competence in the subject matter (bar/liquid soap production)
Terms & conditions
The consultant(s) shall
  • Adhere to the UNHCR and AAH-I security guidelines
  • Provide the above services to the highest professional and quality standards as deemed by AAH-I.
  • Not assign or transfer any of the obligations or benefits of the engagement to 3rd parties without prior notification and consent of the client (AAH-I) in writing.
  • Possess the necessary experience, qualifications and certifications for the execution of the tasks assigned.
  • Be solely responsible for execution of the tasks stipulated in the contract document.
  • Have clear personnel management guidelines that are in tandem with the provisions of Occupational safety and Health Standards.
  • Operate within the budget allocated and agreed upon.
How to Apply

Applications are invited and send their applications to: [email protected], copying [email protected]
The deadline for receiving applications is 15th October 2017

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