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Sep 9, 2017

Educate! Call for Expression of Interest for Provision M&E Dashboard Development Support Consultancy

Developing Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs in Africa

Call for Proposals


Call for Expression of Interest for Provision M&E Dashboard Development Support Consultancy

About Educate!

Educate! works to transform education in Africa to teach youth to solve poverty for themselves and their communities. 

Educate! provides youth with skills training in leadership, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness along with mentorship to start real businesses at school. 

Our model is delivered through practically-trained teachers and youth mentors. Educate!’s goal is to make this practical, skills-based model part of national education systems.

In 2017 launched in Kenya, working in 120 secondary schools in Rwanda and 450 schools in Uganda (15% of the country) reaching over 25,000 students intensively and 360,000 more broadly. 

Our model was proven to have massive impact in a randomized controlled trial. Graduates earned DOUBLE the income of a control group and had a 64% increase in business creation. 

Our graduates change their lives and their communities, such as Lillian Aero who employs over 100 AIDS-affected women.  

Educate!’s team includes 130 staff and over 200 volunteer youth mentors. We have been backed by top foundations such as MasterCard, Big Bang Philanthropy, Mulago, Echoing Green, Ashoka and Global Innovation Fund. 

Educate! won the 2015 WISE Awards, and was featured by Bill Gates, Forbes 30 under 30, Clinton Global Initiative and The Brookings Institution as one of 14 case studies in their scaling education learning initiative. 

Educate!'s Vision for 2024 is to measurably impact 1 million students and reach 4 million students more broadly across Africa each year.Educate! currently operates in Uganda, Rwanda and USA. 

More information can be found at

Educate! Uganda has recently approved an M&E Dashboard Development support Consultancy. In order to improve efficiency of programmatic reporting and real time data visualize for decision making. This development process will unify the underlying technology stack supporting the Ugandan dashboard and laying the ground work for partner countries i.e. Rwanda and Kenya. The consultant will work with the technology coordinator to streamline the next-level functionality for the dashboard. Improving data management, user management, data integrity checks, and a cleaner management & reporting process for departmental reports. The project will span from requirements collection, UI design, API design, Testing and Documentation. With user centered design, reviewing the process that the user goes through in interacting with the data & making the experience as productive and intuitive. The finished product is a dashboard that comprehensively includes all indicators of the M&E department as well as provides a simplified reporting engine for the periodic reports submitted to the M&E department.

Scope of Work (SOW)

The scope of work for this project includes the planning, documentation and implementation of the dashboard system. Specific deliverables and milestones are listed in the Work Requirements and Schedules and Milestones sections of the SOW.

Requirements - Gathering & Data exploration, completing the UI development, Complete the Backend API development, Prototype design, Testing and Documentation, Training, Manual Development, Capacity Building of the E! staff

Please note that Educate! may choose to contract bidders for one or all of the service categories listed above.

Period and Place of Performance - 4 calendar months All work must be scheduled to complete (Any modifications or extensions will be requested through and approved by E! Country Director).

Detailed scope - The consultant will be responsible for performing tasks throughout various stages of this project as illustrated below:

Activity and Description
  • Consultant will create and present detailed project plan including schedule, work breakdown structure, Requirements Gathering & Data exploration, Completing the UI development, Complete the Backend API development, Prototype design, Testing and Documentation, Staff Training, Manual Development, Capacity Building of the E! and handover plans
  • Consultant will present project plan to E! for review and approval
Requirements Gathering & Data Exploration
  • Consultant with meet with M&E as well as other departments and to review data the structure / quality of the data the differences between the country’s programs structure as well as potential future additions
Drafting and UI coding
  • Develop visualizations with mock data
  • Develop mock user interfaces
  • Demonstrate the prototype at this stage to the various departments
  • Inquire about additional functionality and make updates based on feedback to clean up the UIs
Back-end development
  • Develop data retrieval functionality from various data sources
  • Draft guidelines for data format
  • Design REST API endpoints
  • Design a system for role based user permissions
  • Design the user login and management system
  • Survey CTO form links using a node module already developed to populate form data
Full Prototyping
  • Complete development of the front end forms
  • Develop models for data analysis using angular-d3 module and transformation functionality  to display data
  • Implement controller functionality using real data
  • Build on top of the current architecture to design a system that generates on click reports with visuals as per E! schedules which is weekly, monthly and termly
Testing & Iteration:
  • Develop data quality control functionality as well as rescue operations and warnings for faulty data
  • Run extensive unit-testing and edge-case data
User Management
  • Complete the development of the front-end interface for users and permission rights
Data Migrations
  • Migrate precious data from the MySQL database to the current mongo database
Back up data
  • Develop an automated backup application and recovery.
Manual development
  • Develop a user friendly manual for E!
Training & Documentation:
  • Consultant will provide training in accordance with approved training plan provided in the kickoff
  • Train users on dashboard and observe their usage patterns
  • Identify and fix bugs
  • Finalize user interface
  • Write user manual
  • Document code and API
Hand over/closure
  • Consultant will provide E! with all documentation in accordance with the approved project plan
Evaluation Criteria

Bidders will be evaluated on the following:
  • Price proposal – reasonable, complete and cost effective. Each of the service categories under the “Services” section should have a cost/price attached. Scored at 20 percentage points.
  • Past Performance & Expertise – similar successful experience demonstrated through recommendation letters, contracts, firm rankings with updated contact details in case of need to carry our due diligence etc. Scored at 30 percentage points.
  • Time Commitments – Proposals will be evaluated on time estimated for completion of service categories above, thus inclusion of work flow schedule in weeks. Scored at 30 percentage points.
  • Payment Terms – sufficient payment terms that take into account the need to verify quality and completion of work before full payment is made. Scored at 10 percentage points.
  •    Academic & Experience credentials of the project lead and entire team. (Please attach CVs & academic credentials) – Scores 10 Percentage points
In case of companies, should provide documentary evidence of Registration Certificate & Current license to practice

Proposal Submission PROCESS & Deadline:

Sealed Quote(s) shall be submitted to:

By Delivery: Plot 3671, Mbogo Road, Kibuli, Kampala Uganda

OR By email to: [email protected] & cc [email protected]

End Date:  Rolling Basis

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