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Sep 19, 2017

IntraHealth Kenya Vasectomy Follow-up Study Coordinator Job Vacancy


Short Term Assignment Scope of Work
Kenya Vasectomy Follow-up (Study)

SOW to be performed by: Local Study Coordinator
Proposed Dates: October - November 2017
Background: IntraHealth actively supported World Vasectomy Day in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2016. 

Vasectomy use in Kenya is negligible (0.0%, Kenya 2014 DHS), despite Kenya’s having a very high modern contraceptive prevalence rate (63 % in 2014 Kenya DHS). 

The World Vasectomy Day event was a “proof of concept” that demonstrated notable interest in the method, including five Kenyan service providers trained in no-scalpel vasectomy skills and 75 new vasectomy acceptors.

This one-day event garnered a great deal of publicity and interest in social media, and support from various levels of the Kenya Ministry of Health (MOH). It did not, however, entail programmatic follow-up of clients or expansion of male vasectomy services.
The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a follow up of at least 20 vasectomy acceptors from 75 clients who chose to have a vasectomy in order to document their motivations, perceptions and experience with the method. 

The assignment will also include a follow up of the five trained providers to learn about the application of their newly acquired learnings from the World Vasectomy Day. 

The follow up will be limited to the four counties where most acceptors reside (Nairobi, Kakamega, Busia and Kisumu).
The local study coordinator will be in charge maintaining regular contact with the MOH at the national level, the four county health officers, and the Nairobi City County Government. 

The local study coordinator will schedule interviews and ensure contacts with vasectomy users through the county health officers.
S/he will directly report directly to the M&E Technical Advisor, Mike Ochieng who is based in Nairobi, Kenya and Dr. Boniface Sebikali, Senior Clinical Training Advisor, based in Chapel Hill,
North Carolina.
The local study coordinator will facilitate the authorization of the follow-up by way of the MOH at the national and county levels.

 S/he will coordinate the interview schedule by creating a list of the contacts and procedures to reach the targeted population. S/he will assist in training and supervise the data collectors.

S/he will conduct in-depth individual interviews with the five vasectomy providers trained in November 2016.

S/he will provide the clean data in English, translating from Swahili when necessary and present it for data analysis.
Expected deliverables:
  • Interview schedule
  • Daily short reports during the data collection
  • Electronic copies in English of all the follow-up data for analysis
Principal duties and responsibilities:
  • Contact and establish partnership with in-country representatives (MOH and county administration) for interviews and easy access to the vasectomy users without breaking confidentiality and ensuring human protection
  • Assist in the training of four recruited data collectors
  • Establish a timetable and schedule for data collection in the four counties
  • Establish contacts with all the vasectomy acceptors through the MOH and/or county health officers and inform them about the data collectors’ visits
  • Supervise the data collectors, check the entry of the data collection instruments to verify consistency and accuracy of data collected
  • Organize the safekeeping and proper storage of the data collection instruments, both used and unused
  • Review the activities of the day and share a short report (1/2 page) for daily briefings.
  • The report is a summary of the experiences of the data collectors which is valuable for interpreting the follow up results.
  • Respond to ad hoc request from the study follow-up IntraHealth team in Nairobi and copy the team in Chapel Hill
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent plus minimum 5 years of family planning/reproductive health experience
  • Experience with study design, data collection, data analysis/interpretation and reporting
  • Experience working with the MOH and Kenya counties
  • Experience in leadership, training, and supervision strongly preferred
  • A proven record as a self-managed consultant
  • Proficient verbal and written communication in English and local languages
  • Willingness to travel (20%) to the four counties where the clients and providers reside
Level of Effort: A maximum of 20 days is allocated for this SOW.
Send your application to [email protected] on or before Monday September 25, 2017.

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