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Sep 27, 2017

Kenya Market Trust Junior Consultant for Water Sector Job Vacancy

Terms of Reference
Junior Consultant for Water Sector
1. About Kenya Market Trust 

Kenya Markets Trust is a Kenyan organization that works in 

partnership with the private sector; county & national governments; Associations; Local and Internationals Partners to unleash large scale, sustainable market growth by changing the underlying incentives, capacities and rules that shape how market systems work. 

We focus on market systems and value chains as these are the main mechanisms through which wealth is created and growth occurs. 

Our long-term goal is to deliver large scale, systemic change in selected markets that benefits all players including small businesses, larger firms, investors, producers and consumers, and the country at large.
To achieve this, we identify markets with high growth potential but which are saddled with systemic constraints. Working with key market actors, policy makers and other stakeholders, we address these constraints to improve competitiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness.
As a result, we hope to grow the range of market opportunities, support competitiveness in these sectors, ultimately creating a market system that is profitable to investors, improves incomes for suppliers and is beneficial to consumers.
1.1 Water Sector
Our organization works in five Sectors; Dairy, Livestock, Seed, input and Water. 

We are currently rolling out, a three year program, in the Water Sector, that seek to enhance performance of urban and rural water systems with a special attention to; improving access to clean water in the rural and ASAL areas, promoting use of climate smart technologies and also ensuring sustainable operation of the selected water schemes. 

In this regard, we are presently working with various stakeholders in the water sector, both public and private, with a goal of achieving the following objectives;
  • Inspiring emergence and adoption of service delivery models for water utilities to enhance efficient and effective management of the water services
  • Facilitating B2B linkage for climate smart, ICT, green financing and technological innovation,
  • Catalysing market-led approach for “base-of-pyramid” services expansion and
  • Facilitating the management of non-revenue water in water utilities.
2 Assignment
In view of the above objectives, the organisation is seeking to recruit a junior consultant, on a short term contract, to support KMT water sector to deliver on its market system development assignment.
3 Scope of Work
The junior consultant will work closely with Water sector lead and where necessary, in collaboration with SNV and WSUP, to achieve the following objectives;
  • Deliver targeted trainings to 9 water utilities under the NRW intervention i.e. Technical, commercial and social components.
  • Support the 9 utilities to prepare and implement strategies aimed at reducing NRW in selected DMAs
  • On monthly basis collect performance and investment data from the 9 selected water utilities
  • Support selected counties to adopt the service delivery model for rural water utilities
  • Prepare performance report on the selected rural water utilities under SDM and undertake comparator analysis of different model
  • Assess the technical soundness of equipment and facilities installed at the water system under the B2B intervention
  • In liaison with selected market actor under B2B intervention, support selected water utilities to adopt climate smart technologies and processes for production and distribution of water services
  • Build the capacity of 5 water utilities in the western circuit to repay the KCB-Foundation loan
  • Undertake any other activities assigned by the water sector lead
4 Deliverables
The expected outputs from the assignment will include but not limited to:
  • A concise and precise monthly performance report on each of the utilities under NRW and SDM intervention
  • Loan repayment report from the five water utilities in the western circuit
  • Elaborate report on each of the trainings/ capacity development support provided to the utilities
  • Concise and precise report on the performance of the technologies adopted by the utilities under the B2B intervention
  • A monthly work plan with clearly stipulated milestones for each intervention
  • Monthly timesheet
5 Skills and Experience Required
  1. University degree in Engineering
  2. 2 years ‘experience in the Kenyan water sector
  3. Operational knowledge on market system development will be an added advantage
  4. Experience working with WSPs, Civil Society with specialization in Water services delivery.
  5. Ability and willingness to travel regularly and on short notice
  6. Ability to work effectively with a range of stakeholders, organizations and cultures across all levels
  7. Strong written and oral communication, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.
6 Duration of the Assignment
The assignment is expected to take a total of 120 days i.e. 10 days per month from October 2017 to December 2017 

This duration is inclusive of reporting timeline.
7 Rate
Interested Consultants are encouraged to quote their competitive rate per day.
The budget should cover all eligible costs required to undertake the assignment. 

Proposals will be evaluated based on both their technical merit and their price competitiveness.
8 Submission of Proposal
Kindly submit your financial proposal and CVs of Proposed staff by COB on 29/09/2017 to the following address;

Kenya Market Trust
14 Riverside, Cavendish Block
3rd Floor, Suite B, Riverside Drive
P.O. Box 44817 – 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

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