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Sep 21, 2017

Natira Irrigation Project Governance Management Training Consultancy Services in Kenya

Natira Irrigation Project
Request For Proposals (RFP)
Governance Management Training Consultancy Services

RFP Reference No.
Natira Self Help Group (herein referred to as Natira Irrigation project) has received funding from the United States African Development Foundation (USADF) towards its irrigation planning and capacity building. 

USADF is an independent Agency of the US government that operates at local levels in Africa in support of economic development. 

For further information about the agency visit
Natira irrigation project management is formed with the purpose of poverty alleviation by empowering its members through implementation of sustainable irrigation activities that contribute to increased access to income and improved or expanded production and marketing of agricultural produce at Natira
The Procurement Committee for Natira Irrigation project now invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified consultancy firms or individuals to train 45 members of Natira Irrigation project board members and its focal group members on governance and management issues.
Key areas of the training package shall comprise of the following:
  • Group formation and registration with the Kenyan authorities. Natira is already registered as Self Help Group (SHG). Review the process for registering as a Water User Association (WUA) and eventually a Cooperative Society and provide information on development of organizational regulations.
  •  Leadership skills relative to position description, roles and responsibilities and required skills and background for each position (Board Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) and hiring of staff and volunteers.
  • Specific roles of functional committees i.e. Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (whose main purpose is to collect data on kilograms of crops grown and revenues earned) and Procurement Committees (whose main purpose to oversee purchase and delivery of goods and service).
  • Principles of good governance institutionalized in local institutions such as WUAs and farmer Cooperatives with best practices in Kenya on governance and management relative to:
  1. election procedures (for scheme committee member, group administrative structure, systems and functions)
  2. Meetings (Definition of required periodical meeting vis-à-vis scheme growth and subcommittees, Who proposes the Agenda, When is the AGM or other meetings? What is the Agenda during the AGM?)
  • Management systems – documentation, filing and maintenance of files (soft and hard)
  • Group dynamics and conflict resolution
  • Partnership building and management for improved networking and acquisition of knowledge and skills related to marketing of farm produce
  • Proposal writing for enhanced resource mobilization
  • Operations and procedures: buying farm inputs in bulk, selling produce in bulk, and paying both farmer members and vendors for these transactions, seed banking systems and procedures
  • Marketing of farm produce
  • By-laws of the farming groups to govern the use of water for irrigation; Participation of all members in farming activities and in regular meetings
  • The training should be delivered in English.  
  • Ability to provide additional translations or explanations in Turkana is preferred. 
  • Deliverables shall be delivered by the consultant to Natira Irrigation project and CEZAM & Associates Ltd (ADF Partner in Kenya).
These products shall be submitted in copies as follows:

Requirements for Qualifications:
Consultancy  firms/individuals  are  advised  to  send  separate  technical  and  financial  proposals (currency;  Kenya  shillings)  for  this  assignment  as  their  RFPs.  

Consultants not disclosing full information  in  the  proposals  will  be  considered  non-responsive  and  their  proposals  rejected. Consultancy firms must provide detailed CVs of all technical team members to undertake specific elements of the assignment with a confirmation that they will not change those individuals unless with prior written consent of Natira irrigation Project Board or Management Committee. 

Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information through Natira irrigation project coordinator or the undersigned.
  1. Certificate of Incorporation;
  2. Business Permit;
  3. VAT Registration Certificate;
  4. Tax Compliance Certificate;
  5. Registration Certificate;
  6. Evidence of previous consultancy work of similar nature, full address and contact of persons of Major clients served with similar works;
  7. Accreditation/affiliation certificate, qualification and experience of key staff (attach curriculum Vitae) and
  8. Evidence of capability to undertake the assignment.
Quotations are received with the following conditions:
  1. All prices quoted should be value added tax (vat) exclusive. 
  2. The price quoted shall remain valid for 90 days after opening of the bids.
  3. Comprehensive detail of other costs to be incurred. For examples, transport and other necessary expense expected to be incurred in executing the activity applied for should be specified in the proposal.
Application Procedure

Sealed quotes must be sent through G4S Kakuma as per the address below on or before 2nd  October 2017. 

Proposals can be dropped in the group’s tender box at Natira irrigation project Offices in Natira next to Natira dispensary along Kakuma-Lokichoggio road.
Scanned copies of proposals can also be emailed to the undersigned. 

LATE Bids will not be considered.  

The Board Chairman;
Natira Ateni self-help group
P.o Box 1

Email address: [email protected]  and a copy [email protected] 

02/10/ 2017 is the deadline for all potential bidders to submit any questions through the above email address for our response.

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