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Sep 11, 2017

Wamunyu Self Help Group Slaughterhouse Project Invitation for Bids

Wamunyu Self Help Group
Invitation for Bids (IFB)
Introduction: Wamunyu Self Help Group Slaughterhouse Project is community initiative to create employment to members and have a centralized meat inspection station within Wamunyu market.
The group is running a licensed slaughter house services to provide meat for human consumption around Wamunyu market, Machakos town and Nairobi city. 

The slaughter house receives on average between 15-25 cows and 4-10 goats per day.
Wamunyu Self Help Group has received support from United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) to renovate their slaughter house infrastructure to meet the public food safety and health standards to supply clean, quality meat and slaughter house services.  

Wamunyu Self Help Group works in consultation with CEZAM and associates in implementation.
The scope of work required will be :-

  1. Renovation of a water reservoir and water supply facility;
  2. Overhead rails and hooks supply and installation;
  3. Slaughterhouse renovation – Flooring and walling and repainting
  4. Stunning box renovation and construction of stunning gun safe
  5. Construction of  2 door,15 foot Pit latrine
Mandatory site visits and issue of tender documents will happen on 15th September, 2017 beginning at 9.00 am). 

Bidders will be required to have formal and valid email addresses where tender documents will be sent. The costs of visiting the Site shall be borne by the bidders. Any foreign bidder must send a local representative to the mandatory site visit on their behalf.
Completed tender documents written in English are to be sent by EMAIL to [email protected]  and a copy to [email protected]  or deposited in the Tender Box provided at the reception, Wamunyu Self Help Group offices or sent to the address shown below through G4S or other couriers that serve the region so as to reach us on or before 29th September, 2017. 1700hrs { Kenya Time}.      

The details of the scope of work will involve the following:
  • Overhead rails and hooks; A continuous rail arrangement with rollers and hooks will be provided on the top of the slaughter hall. The rail arrangement is fixed on to the roof slab with supporting structures. The rail arrangement should be strong enough to carry and run 25 large animals at a time in the slaughter hall. The rail arrangement will cover the bleeding area and hanging area for the smooth and convenient movement of the carcass.
  • Stunning area- renovation for walls, floor and installation of a steel hinged door. The size of Wamunyu slaughter hall is 10 m x 3.7 m.
  • Floor and wall - In order to avoid these sources of contamination, the floor and 1m above the floor all-round the slaughter hall; will be constructed of durable, easily cleanable materials, and be impervious to moisture. The floor will be installed with tiles and maintained to reduce the likelihood of cracks, depressions, or other low areas that would accumulate moisture, it will have a slip-resistant surface with abrasive particles embedded in the surface to have a rough finish to avoid slipping accidents.
  • Pit latrine; Construct a 15 foot 2door pit latrine as per the approvals architectural drawings provided.
  • Water supply: rehabilitate existing concrete water well, supply and installment water pump to pump water to a 5,000 Liters water tank.
Wamunyu Self Help Group Slaughterhouse Project invites eligible firms to submit complete IFBs to provide the above mentioned services. Eligible bidders MUST meet the following minimum requirements. 

Interested firms must provide information as indication that they are qualified to perform the tasks.

Bids from reputable firms should meet the following minimum requirements:-
  1. Certificate of Incorporation as a company;
  2. Valid Business permit;
  3. A copy of registration certificate with the National Construction Authority (NCA) from class NCA 6 and above in civil works;
  4. A copy of valid Tax Compliance certificate;
  5. Evidence and previous work of similar nature, full telephone contacts of clients served with similar works;
  6. Experience of competent and qualified personnel for specific type of works of a similar nature, magnitude and complexity (attach copies of CVs and certificates of the staff who will be employed if the tender is successful);
  7. The IFBs for each of the Lot quoted should be clearly separated as A technical and B financial proposal ;
  8. Acceptance to receive payments in tranches

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