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Oct 4, 2017

Grants Officer Job Vacancy in Kenya

Job Title: Grants Officer

Department: Finance and Operations

Reporting to: Finance & Operations Manager
Job Context: Mostly office work focused on reviewing documents and processing requests, but with a proportion of time spent in the field following up on audit action implementation.

Job Purpose: To process Grants financial requests and review financial documentation in line with approved guidelines so as to enable Brooke to achieve high impact donkey welfare programs.   

Main duties and responsibilities

Processing of Monthly Partner Funds disbursement requests (25%)

As the grants accounting officer, you shall process monthly partners’ funding disbursement requests so as to facilitate timely and accurate funding disbursement to partners.

Key Results shall include
  • Monthly partner funding disbursement requests and back up documentation are reviewed for accuracy, integrity and alignment with approved budget.
  • Partner funding disbursement requests from all partners are consolidated into one funding request to the headquarters.
  • Under expenditures are calculated and highlighted so that only reconciled figures are requested for disbursement.
  • Once review is complete, the funding disbursement requests are validated and escalated for action with copies filed for records.
Reviewing Partners Financial reports (25%)

You shall receive and review all partners’ financial reports some on a monthly and some on a quarterly basis and prepare appropriate feedback to management action.

Key Results shall include
  • All the key items of the financial report i.e. financial report, Staff costs report, bank statement reconciliation, grant accounts reconciliation, detailed income and expenditure report and narrative report are scrutinised for accuracy and integrity.
  • A Partner summary review form (detailing all the findings from each of the reports) is prepared, shared for action and filed for record under each partner.
  • Verification of activity completion in case of significant deviations is conducted, response from the partner sort and follow up action and support planned with suitable right stakeholders.
  • Once review is complete reports are validated and escalated for action with copies filed for records.
Follow up on partner audits (20%)

You shall follow up on the implementation of prior audit recommendations so as to ensure partners remain compliant and financial risk mitigated.

Key Results shall include
  • Follow up partner support visits are carried out with a focus on checking implementation progress on audit actions.
  • Emerging issues following audit, requiring action or guidance or support are addressed satisfactorily.
Processing Small Initiative Fund (SIF) proposals (10%)

You shall receive and process small initiative fund proposals and process them in line with approved guidelines.

Key Results shall include
  • All SIF proposals shall be reviewed and scrutinised for alignment to guidelines, applicable budgets and selection criteria.
  • Once review is complete reports are validated and escalated for action with copies filed for records.
Coordination and Communication with others (10%)

As a member of the Brooke family, you shall remain cognisant of work related interdependencies with others and therefore coordinate well and communicate effectively with other so as to foster team cohesion.

Key Results shall include
  • Receiving and providing input to other officers whose jobs are interdependent with yours.
  • Receiving and providing support to other officers whose jobs are interdependent with yours.
  • Supplying reports and other required information and data to other parts of the organization as required.
  • Actively participating in team and or staff meeting; adding value to the meeting agenda and discussions for the purpose of enhancing program effectiveness.
Representation, Networking and collaboration (10%)

In support of Brooke’s partnership approach you shall participate from time to time in value adding meetings or initiatives with like minded stakeholders in the animal welfare sector.

Key Results shall include
  • Identifying conferences that have a Grants management angle in animal welfare or have themes that resonate with Brooke.
  • Developing and submitting abstracts to conference organizers in order to seek opportunities for formal participation.
  • Preparing and presenting position papers, data, information or material on behalf of Brooke during the conference.
Key relationships

For effective delivery of your work, you shall work closely with the Finance and Operations manager, the Finance Officer, the other teams in BEA and the technical team from UK.

Decision making

As a Grants officer, you shall be expected to make stewardship decisions when processing and validating funding request so as to ensure prudence, non- wastefulness and accountability.

You shall also make good stewardship decisions around the use of policies, procedures, business facilities and resources such as transport and accommodation during official travel.

Knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience
  • Educational Background in Finance or related area of study
  • Competencies in Grants accounting
  • Collaborative and supportive approach to resolving issues with stakeholders.
Notes: Your supervisor shall agree with you on your performance objectives each year. 

The objectives are specific to the needs of the organization in your area of work within that particular period.  

While there may be other goals that your supervisor may want you to cover, the broad performance goals for your job broadly include the following:-
  • Efficient and timely processing of funding disbursement requests
  • Efficient and timely processing of SIF proposals
  • Monthly and quarterly grants accounting reports
  • Follow up on audit actions
  • Grants Financial accountability and integrity 
  • Effective team player
  • Good steward of resources
CVs to be sent to [email protected] on or before 6/10/2017 with the subject line as Grants Officer

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