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Oct 5, 2017

Sales,​ Marketing ​​& ​​Relationship​​ Manager​ Job in Kenya

Job Vacancy: Sales,​ Marketing ​​& ​​Relationship​​ Manager​
We are recruiting for the above mentioned position for an agribusiness and e-commerce company.
  • Achieving​ growth​​ and ​​hitting ​​sales ​​targets ​​by ​​successfully​​ managing ​​the ​​sales​
  • Team ​towards ​​the ​​achievement​​ of ​​company’s​ ​strategic​​ and ​​sales ​​objectives​.
  • Designing​ and ​​implementing​​ a ​​strategic ​​business ​​plan ​​that ​​expands​
  • company’s ​customer ​​base ​​and ​​ensure ​​it’s ​​strong​ ​presence​.
  • Owning ​recruiting, ​​objectives ​​setting, ​​coaching ​​and ​​performance​​ monitoring​ of ​sales​​ representatives​
  • Identify​ emerging ​​markets ​​and ​​market ​​shifts ​​while ​​being ​​fully ​​aware ​​of ​​new​
  • products ​and ​​competition​​ status​.
  • Provide​ on​-the-ground ​support ​​for ​​sales ​​associates​ ​as ​​they ​​generate ​​leads​ and​ close ​​new ​​deals​
  • Meet ​with ​​customers ​​to​ ​discuss ​​their ​​evolving ​​needs ​​and ​​to​​ assess ​​the​ quality ​of ​​our ​​company’s​​relationship​​ with ​​them​
  • Develop​ and ​​implement ​​new ​​sales ​​initiatives,​​strategies ​​and ​​programs ​​to​ capture​key demographics​
  • Measure​ and ​​report ​​performance ​​of ​​sales ​​and ​​marketing ​​campaigns, ​​gain​ insight ​and ​​assess​​ against​​ goals​
  • Establishes ​and ​​adjusts​ ​selling ​​prices ​​by ​​monitoring ​​costs, ​​competition, ​​and​ supply ​and ​​demand​
  • Deploy ​successful ​​marketing ​​campaigns ​​and ​​own ​​their ​​implementation​ ​from​ ideation ​to​​ execution​
  • Experiment ​with ​​a​​variety​ ​of ​​organic ​​and ​​paid ​​acquisition ​​channels​​–​​content​ creation, ​content ​​curation,​​ pay​​ per​​click​​ campaigns,​​ event​​management,​ publicity, ​social​​media,​​  lead​​ generation ​​campaigns, ​​copywriting,​​ performance​ analysis, ​and ​​much​​ more​
  • Produce ​valuable ​​and ​​engaging ​​content ​​for ​​our ​​website ​​and ​​blog ​​that​ attracts ​and ​​converts ​​our​ target ​​groups​
  • Build ​strategic ​​relationships ​​and ​​partner ​​with ​​key ​​industry ​​players, ​​agencies​ and ​vendors​      
Who​ we ​​are ​​looking​ ​for​​:​
  • Successful ​previous ​​experience ​​as​ ​a ​​sales ​​representative ​​or ​​sales ​​manager, consistently ​meeting​​ or ​​exceeding​ ​targets ​​especially​ ​around ​​FMCG​.
  • Demonstrated ​ability ​​to ​​communicate,​​ present​​ and ​​influence ​​credibly ​​and​ effectively ​at ​​all ​​levels​​ of ​​the ​​organization​
  • Bachelor’s ​Degree ​​in ​​Marketing, ​​Communications, ​​Sales ​​or ​​related​ ​field​
  • Excellent ​negotiation​​ skills ​​and​ ​B2B​ ​sales ​​experience ​​with ​​track ​​record ​​of​ superior ​performance ​​metrics​
  • Demonstrable ​experience ​​in​ ​sales ​​& ​​marketing ​​together ​​with ​​the ​​potential​ and ​attitude ​​required ​​to ​​learn​.
  • Proven​ experience ​​in​​ identifying​ ​target ​​audiences ​​and ​​in​ ​creatively ​​devising​ and​ leading​ ​across ​channels ​​marketing ​​campaigns​​ that ​​engage, ​​educate​​and​ motivate.
  • Solid​ knowledge ​​of ​​web site​ ​analytics ​​tools ​​(e​.g.,​Google​​Analytics, ​​NetInsight,​ Omniture,​Web Trends, ​​Heap​​analytics)​
  • Experience ​in ​​setting​ ​up ​​and ​​optimizing ​​Google ​​Adwords, ​​Facebook​ ​&​ ​Twitter​ campaigns, ​up​-to-date ​with ​​the ​​latest ​​trends ​​and ​​best ​​practices ​​in ​​online​ marketing ​and ​​measurement​.
  • Numerically ​literate, ​​comfortable ​​working ​​with ​​numbers, ​​making ​​sense ​​of​ metrics ​and​​processing​ ​figures ​​with ​​spreadsheets​
  • Good​ taste, ​​a ​​sense ​​of ​​aesthetics ​​and ​​a​​ love​ ​for ​​great ​​copy ​​and ​​witty communication
  • Familiarity​ with​​ CRM​​ software​
  • A ​growth​​ hacker ​​and ​​deep ​​familiarity ​​with​ ​the ​​start up ​​ecosystem​.
  • Detail-oriented ​with ​​superior ​​organizational ​​and ​​problem​-solving​skills​​-​ balancing ​multiple​​projects,​​ deadlines, ​​and ​​requests ​​should ​​be ​​second​ nature ​to​ ​you​.
  • You ​bring​ ​more ​​than ​​passion ​​to ​​the​ ​role: ​​you ​​have ​​the ​​grit ​​and ​​resilience ​​to​ do​ this ​​work​.
  • A ​leader ​​who ​​can​​‘ do ​​the​​ right ​​thing’​​as ​​well​​as​​‘do​​ things ​​right’​
  • A ​proactive, ​​energetic, ​​hardworking ​​individual​​able ​​to ​​work ​​with ​​stamina ​​and​  pace, ​ability​ ​and​​drive​ ​to​ ​work​ ​independently​.
  • Excitement​ ​and ​​what ​​we ​​are ​​aiming​ ​to ​​achieve​ ​in ​​sustainable agriculture​ and ​​e​-commerce ​in​​Africa​  
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