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Nov 22, 2017

Agribusiness Specialty (Procurement) Job in Kenya

Job Vacancy: Agribusiness Specialty - Procurement

The Role:
To work with farmers in sourcing produce.

  • The position has to manage the whole agriculture business from production to packaging and sales
  • Hire workers for the business and give them the adequate training
  • Arrange for the workers employment in the off season
  • Maintain good contact with vendors that will sell them quality seeds at good prices
  • Study and implement methods for plantation and harvesting
  • Oversee all the processes like plantation and harvesting
  • Arrange for pesticides in case the plant catch pests
  • Ensure the harvest is well stored and arrange for buyers
  • Oversee the packaging process
  • Look after all the accounts of the business and make sure that they are making profits
  • Report to the owners of the business on the progress made
Requirements & Skills
  • A bachelor's degree in business administration or agriculture is mandatory
  • Good experience working in the field of agriculture
  • The position would be based at the company factory in Malindi, spending 70% of their time working with farmers
  • Must have in depth knowledge about farming and all other agriculture related businesses
  •  Must be analytical
  • Must have knowledge about the latest market conditions.
  • Should arrange for buyers and get good prices for the goods
  • Should make sure the business is making profits and maintain the accounts for the business
  • Need to have good contacts with buyers and suppliers
  • Must understand how to manage farmers
  • The position has to hire workers required on the farm and provide training to them. They have to manage their shifts and decide their wages
  • Good in database management and developing systems/processes (ideally someone who is good with computer programs like excel).
  • 3-5 years’ experience minimum similar experience.
  • Able to spend 30% time dealing with other suppliers to the company
  • Someone who understands farmers is key to this position. Ideally they can even speak the local language in Kilifi (Digo, Duruma, Giriama and native Swahili)
Qualified persons to apply at [email protected]
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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