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Nov 26, 2017

Lendable Business Analyst Job in Kenya

Job Title: Business Analyst at Lendable

Are you passionate about building financial models? 

Are you a project management guru who is motivated by seeing the successful completion of a project? 

Are you energized by building and nurturing client relationships? 

Look no further!
Lendable is looking for a Business Analyst to manage their Alternative Lender diligence process for new Alternative Lenders they want to work with. 

This role will sit in their East Africa office. The Business Analyst will also manage existing Alternative Lenders that Lendable wishes to offer repeat funding.
The ideal candidate is someone with exceptional finance skills, and a deep passion for the truth. If you are the type of person that stays up late doing analysis before a big meeting so that you are the most prepared person in the room, this could be a great fit!

Lendable is a technology driven financial marketplace that connects non-banking financial institutions to foreign investors. 

They are a team of finance experts, data scientists, and technologists who make receivable financing easier in developing markets. 

Lendable is aiming to build out a diverse set of Alternative Lenders who want to securitize portfolios to achieve growth. Using their proprietary Risk Engine and Standard Structure, Lendable aims to provide $1bn in financing to East African borrowers by 2020.

  • Run the Alternative Lender verification process where analysis and tasks ranging from in-depth operational analysis, assessment of Alternative Lenders credit underwriting standards, financial and solvency modeling to managing the receipt of all documentation throughout the process and more.
  • Assist in completion of all investor-facing marketing and legal documentation.
  • Manage the subsequent, abridged, verification process for repeat transactions with existing Alternative Lenders
  • Responsible for certain aspects of monitoring of Alternative Lenders portfolio during the funding period.
  • Work as part of the Lendable Labs team providing data analytics and credit services to their Alternative Lenders
  • This role will go by the title “Credit Officer” internally.
Does this sound like you?
  • 3+ years as a Financial Analyst or Associate at an East African financial services institution, particularly with experience in credit analysis for lending.
  • Advanced financial modeling skills.
  • Ability to run multiple verification processes in tandem.
  • Experience interacting with clients and managing information transfer.
  • Experience in producing simple and understandable analytical products.
  • Experience in working with a wide cross section of team members on collaborative efforts.
Nice to have
  • Accredited accountant
  • Experience doing due diligence on microfinance or banking institutions
Personal Traits
  • Proactive in identifying key issues during the verification process in addition to proposing solutions to the deal lead
  • Relentlessly open communicator
  • Unquestioned honesty and integrity
  • A constant drive to learn
  • Enjoys tackling tough, large problems
  • The ability to laugh under stress
Please follow this link to apply: 

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