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Dec 6, 2017

Médecins du Monde Logistic Coordinator, Kenya and Somalia


Position: Logistic Coordinator Kenya and Somalia
Status: Salaried
Starting date: February 2018
Availability: 12 months
Country: Kenya
Base: Nairobi, with frequent visits to Bosaso

Context of the mission
Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations, the world over, including France.

It seeks to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, and to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care.

Hierarchical & Functional links

The Logistics Coordinator reports to the General Coordinator for Kenya and Somalia, s/he is part of the Coordination Team, at Coordination Office level in Nairobi, and s/he will directly supervise:
  • Logistic Officer in Nairobi
  • Logistic Manager Bosaso
S/He will have a functional link with Coordinators and their Officers/Managers, including:
  • Admin Co        - MedCo
  • ProgCo Kenya        - Prog Co Somalia
  • Admin and Log Assistant

Essential Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordination and representation
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Assets and Infrastructure Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Safety & Security Management
  • Team Management
  • Support & Capacity Building
  • Reporting


Coordination & Representation

  • Represent MdM for country medical and non-medical suppliers;
  • Participate in Logistic and Supply Coordination (when existing and relevant);
  • Manage logistics support in collaboration with logisticians and advice the Project team on regular basis on logistics procedures and matters;
  • Frequent movements to DIC and Bosaso, if security and administrative constraint allows;
  • Establish a pro-active link between the field (needs) and logistics team (needs & support) and play a continuous mediating role;
  • Define/adapt and implement the logistical activities required to achieve the general objectives, in close collaboration with the Support Services and Compliance Coordinator.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  • Ensure the respect of MdM (and donor if required) purchase procedures and regulations;
  • Identify and plan the mission purchases through a procurement Plan in collaboration Program and Medical Coordinators and Logistic personnel;
  • Ensure the projects procurement plan is updated and available to concerned people;
  • Ensure regular update of MdM supply management policy and expand the policy to all Field Office for implementation;
  • Design and update a Suppliers Database for medical and non-medical supplies
  • Conduct tenders for country and Framework contracts in accordance with MdM, donor and host country legislative bindings;
  • In parallel of the national open tenders, investigate on relevant Ministries of Health regulations and controls on medical suppliers and supplies;
  • Ensure quality of procurement and respect of delivery deadlines;
  • Ensure proper follow-up of procurement until delivery stage, and maintain all concerned department (Program, Medical, Finance) well-informed;
  • Ensure regular purchases follow-up in close collaboration with the Finance Department for monthly budget follow up (BFU);
  • Handle transport contract negotiation with suppliers and follow up for renewal/termination;
  • Ensure the respect of MdM and donors stock management procedure throughout the mission;
  • In close coordination with the Operation Unit, develop a proper internal control system to limit any risk of theft, loss and deterioration;
  • Ensure medical supplies, medical equipment and medical consumables are properly and safely stored in the mission;
  • Ensure the respect of storage and park equipment MdM procedures.
  • Coordinate closely with medical team to ensure there are no gaps in drugs supply chain, from procurement to out-of-stock.

Freights management

  • Follows with HQ the issues of international purchases and freights (transport documents)
  • Launch and follow-up the process of administrative clearance with the authorities
  • Launch and follow-up the process of custom and logistic clearances through custom agents
  • Organize the delivery and ensure the reception of materials and equipments (conformity, status, inventories of the goods…)
  • Issue reserves upon reception in the event of litigation.
  • Supervise freight forwarding on the mission
  • Prepare the freighting (road, plane, routing and transporters choice…).
  • Ensure conditioning (fragile, dangerous, under special regulation, valuables…)
  • Prepare and emit the expedition file (packing list, gift certificate, waybill (CMR, LTA, bill of lading…).
  • Inform the receivers upon sending.
  • File the documentation.

Computers and Communication

  • Supervise the good implementation of Computer and Network Policy (use, rights, restrictions, protection, backup)
  • Ensure the good use of computer equipment and accessories
Assets and Infrastructure Management

  • Ensure the management of equipment and assets for their optimal use and care;
  • Consolidate assets inventories and submit them on monthly basis to Admin department and HQ;
  • Supervise the follow-up of the equipment status and documentation (use, working condition, warranty, costs etc.);
  • Supervise the organization and follow-up of preventive maintenances and repairs;
  • Supervise the organization and follow-up of stocks and potential warehouses;
  • Supervise the follow-up the infrastructures such as office and guest houses and warehouses (for security, cleanliness, water, energy, payments, licencing, etc.).

Fleet Management

  • Ensure the respect of MdM vehicle management policies and procedures;
  • Supervise the general follow-up of the mission vehicles (consumption checks, movement planning, vehicle rental contracts, etc.);
  • Ensure a regular maintenance on the different vehicle of the mission, setup appropriate maintenance contract with local supplier or ensure an appropriate repair process with local technicians.
Safety & Security Management

  • Participate in development, review, implementation and monitoring of MdM’s security measures in-country, in direct link with the GenCo and the FSO at field level;
  • Ensure the respect of the security guideline adopted on the mission, the good functioning of the relative tools and process and the correct use and acknowledge from all the members of the mission (national & international staff) in close coordination with General Coordinator;
  • Update security tools of the mission security pack, whenever applicable;
  • Update security reinforcement measures as per context and evolving security situation in the country, in close collaboration with the General Coordinator and FSO;
  • Responsible for collecting and analysing security data and provide advices on the implementation of security measures;
  • Responsible for the technical aspects of the risk reduction/mitigation policy: transport, communication, protection, identification and preparation of the technical aspects of the security guidelines, evacuation plan and contingency plans;
  • Brief teams on the technical aspects of security and ensure the security of transport’s means;
  • Prepare and implement contingency measures for the mission (when/if necessary) and allocate the needed resources with the support of General Coordinator.
Team Management

  • Recruit, train and supervise Country’s Logistic Officer/s; and Supply Officer/s as per project needs;
  • Ensure strict implementation and respect of the Internal regulation for the staff under direct line management and support the HR department to define/adjust rules, taking into account the feedbacks of the team members;
  • When appropriate, define with team members its action plan and deadlines for reaching goals;
  • Ensure formal feedback towards your team about any issues raised by them via regular team meetings;
  • Awareness on the personal and professional evolution of each member of your staff, and its development within the mission: individual interviews, oral and written evaluations;
  • Ensure conflict resolution (personal and professional) within your team and inform your Line-Manager and the HR Department of any disciplinary issues or conflict;
  • Propose relevant adaptation to the organisational chart of the mission and contribute to its implementation (job descriptions, etc.), in collaboration with your Line-Manager;
  • Support your staff in their management duty: coordination meetings, individual interviews, etc.;
  • Work with the coordination team to define mission objectives, strategies and budgets and ensure their day-to-day monitoring and management;
  • Supervise and ensure the smooth functioning of logistic departments in the country, define and implement logistic processes and ensure that everyone is trained and respecting these processes.

Support & Capacity Building
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of MdM and its implementing partner’s practices and to uphold the respect of MdM procurement rules for acquisition of medical and non-medical supplies and provide the mission with strategic recommendations for corrective measures;
  • Upon audit recommendation, develop and conduct training and mentoring activities to MdM Partners’ Logistics team member;
  • Ensure any new MdM Supply staff members receive a complete briefing and training regarding his/her role and duties within the logistics set-up;
  • Setup coordination routine system (meetings, workshops, internal note, etc.) to ensure a smooth diffusion of relevant logistics information (e.g. new rule/process, templets etc.);
  • Develop and conduct Supply internal training on technical logistics issues to enhance the capacities and knowledge of involved team;
  • Perform at least 1 field visits every month on a field office to control and supervise the monthly activities of the Field Logistic and Supply Team (MdM and Partners), and report to the related Field Coordinator for implementation of key recommendations.

  • Centralize all Logistic and Supply information of the mission and provide monthly report to be delivered to your Line-Manager and Logistic department in HQ
  • Participate in the production of on-demand situation report (SITREP) by providing relevant data related to your position;
  • Participate in donor reporting by providing relevant data related to your position;
  • Provide regular reporting on your activities to your Line-Manager upon his/her solicitation (coordination meeting, bilateral meeting, etc.);
  • Ensure the production of monthly inventory of medical and non-medical equipment for the entire mission.
  • Ensures the good archiving on the mission
  • Ensures the good filling and follow-up of all the logistic tools for a good capitalization at mission level
NB: considering the purpose and values of the organization, MdM requests to its employee complete flexibility in term of duties and commitment, as their job description can be adjusted throughout the year according to needs and priorities.

Expected profile




Added value

Added value

Humanitarian experience
Emergency experience
Coordination experience

Computer skills
Excellent excel skills
Driving licence

Skills required:
  • Experience of 4-5 years minimum in humanitarian logistics management with proven experience of the management of logistics team on a senior level
  • Academic degree in logistics and Procurement or relevant field (desired).
  • Certificate in Humanitarian Logistics Supply Chain
  • Previous partnership management experience is desirable
Personal skills required:
  • Excellent organisational, training and coaching skills is required
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Reactivity, anticipation, adaptability, capacity to take initiatives
  • Listening and diplomacy skills
  • Team spirit
  • Ability to work in participatory manner with staff to assess needs, implement and monitor activities.

If you believe you are the ideal candidates we are looking for, please submit your application with a CV and a cover letter to the following email address [email protected] with the title: Logistics Coordinator, Closing date is 3rd January 2018. Only shortlisted applicant will be contacted.

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